Hamstring stretch

1. Put your foot through the magic circle (or thera-band, tie, belt, whatever you can find at home), and extend one leg straight up. Extend the other leg along the mat with the toe pointed. Gently pull on the circle, keeping both legs straight, shoulders away from the ears, and hips stable. 

2. Slowly take the leg out to the side, making sure to keep the opposite hip glued to the floor.

3. Inhale as you bring your leg back to the center, and exhale as you take it across the body to the other side, keeping the hips square.

4. Bring the leg back to the center, and point the toe.

5. Flex the foot for an added calf stretch. Switch legs and repeat on the other side!

*Remember to BREATH! This exercise is simple and effective, and it only takes FIVE MINUTES of your time. Try it in the morning when you get out of bed, or maybe right before you go to sleep! No excuses 🙂