Our vivacious instructor Julie Klass has been teaching in the fitness field for over 25 years. A former Tri-Athlete, she has completed four Aids rides on her bicycle across different parts of the U.S. (and has personally raised over 20,000 dollars). We caught up with her this week to discuss her history with Pilates, her 2011 back injury, and her fitness and diet lifestyle changes.

julie klass

Tell us a little bit about your fitness background – how did you discover Pilates?
I started teaching high impact aerobics in 1985 at the age of 17. I have taught almost every kind of fitness class, from spinning to yoga to Pilates, holding certifications in each of them.
I first tried Pilates in the 90s, and knew it was the missing link in my fitness regime and my life. Yoga also played a role in my appreciation of Pilates, as it’s similar mind-body awareness work.

Tell us a little bit about your 2011 back injury, and how Pilates played a role in your road to recovery.
On Aug 16, 2011, I woke up and couldn’t walk. It turned out I had a bulging disc on L4, L5 & Sciatica. I took 4 months off, and rehabbed myself beginning with water therapy exercise and adding back Pilates. The injury came from years of overuse, being a cyclist and aerobics instructor…and a few falls along the way.

Since Jan 2012, I’ve been maintaining my good health, with exercise 6 days a week (walking & elliptical, plus Pilates and weights 3 times a week). Acupuncture & weekly mayo facia massage play a big role in managing my other smaller injuries and soreness.

What classes are you teaching now, and what influences your teaching style?
Currently I am teaching Pilates & Group Personal Training. I also teach Pilates Group Fitness classes, from Mat to Springboard. I really love teaching at The Pilates Body, and have been a part of the team since 2012.

Once a month I get to work with my Guru, Rael Iscawitz (head of BASI-my certification) in Costa Mesa – this has been life changing in how I teach!

Any healthy eating tips?
I love to cook my meals on Sunday and Monday to prepare for the entire week. I typically eat 5 smaller meals a day – all organic, and mostly chicken or fish as my main source of protein. Moderation in all things is key! Including “Sometimes-moderation”.

What are your passions?
I love to exercise outside- it feeds my soul! I love teaching all ages and types of clients, from injured to athletic. My biggest passion is seeing a new client grow and learn within the work – as they see results in their body, it makes me very happy.

How have your struggles influenced your training?
My personal struggles make me appreciate even MORE that the most important thing for me is good health and exercise.

MEET OUR PILATES POWERHOUSE: Julie has open private sessions at 8am and 11am on Fridays, as well as a Group Reformer class Fridays at 10! Click here to sign up: >>> http://thepilatesbodyglendale.com/