Our girl Rocio Ponce brings a unique and colorful background to her all of her classes…she has dedicated body and soul to Flamenco (and all forms of Spanish dance) for the past 30 years. She has extensive training in all forms of dance and Pilates, and currently teaches seminars on nutrition, dance, and fitness. We caught up with her to ask her about her classes and her tips for a healthy lifestyle!


What makes your Reformer classes unique?
I ask the client or clients (if it’s a class) what they want to work on. This gives them a chance to make requests, and that way I can quickly customize their session as we go!

How has Spanish dance influenced your training technique?
Each time I perform or rehearse Spanish dance, I find out what I need to strengthen in my body. So I share those strengthening techniques on the reformer, because most likely the person whom I’m training can benefit from it.

You’ve been practicing Flamenco for 30 years now. What are the benefits of Flamenco as a form of exercise?
Benefits are: strengthens core, great cardio, whole body strengthener, helps with focus as you must listen to the musical changes changes – the rhythm and the singing.

We know you are a firm believer in giving back, and have used the arts to help at-risk teenagers and children in gang-infested neighborhoods achieve their highest potential.
Children children children. The meaning of children: they do and say what they feel. My work with kids has been strictly in teaching them to express themselves through tools and skills that can broaden their horizons.

Any training tips? Healthy eating tips?
My advice for training and eating tips would be always practice what you preach! If you are a trainer of fitness mind-body, don’t just teach – train your own body before your sessions. Healthy eating goes along with this practice. If you don’t take care of your own body, and you’re training other people, that looks pretty suspicious. For me personally, I would not trust a Pilates instructor or a personal trainer who does not practice what they preach.

Favorite healthy food hangout?
Mixto & flore in Silverlake. Ve-Station in Sherman oaks, Velardes Juices & Un Solo Sol restaurant in Boyle Heights.

What is your biggest fitness inspiration?
My biggest inspiration is the fact that when people find out what my real age is, their jaws drop because they cannot believe it!

Favorite fitness style?
High Intensive Interval Training exercises, Lagree Fitness (as I’m also certified), cardio kick, acro-pilates.

What are your other hobbies and interests?
I enjoy performing in flamenco shows, plays, and choreographing movement for theatre plays or classes. I enjoy collecting & ingesting medicinal herbs & teas.


Rocio will be teaching here at TPB on 4/20 (ONE private session left) and 4/22 (spots still available in her 10am Reformer class!). Don’t miss out –>>>Check out this week’s class schedule