IMG_0658     A native of Southern California, Stephanie recently returned to the States after spending some time in Denmark. She worked in a gym environment for 7 years until she became injured – but she didn’t let that stop her from maintaining a healthy lifestyle and even completing a marathon! We caught up with this bubbly and sweet Pilates fan to find out more about her background and her goals.

How did you get involved in the health and fitness industry?

My interest in fitness started in college when I worked at the ASB Recreational Center on the California State Northridge campus.

We know that you previously have worked for TotalWomen Gym – what did you take away from that experience?

I really enjoy working with other women, and encouraging women to be comfortable in their own skin.

What sparked your interest in Pilates?

I’ve always enjoyed practicing Pilates – but I felt more passionate about it when I saw it improved my injuries.

What are your personal fitness goals?

I hope to continue to practice Pilates to strengthen my body. Eventually, I hope to be able to lift heavier weights and run again. I would love to work as a Pilates instructor someday.

Tell our clients a little bit about your background in childcare and your credentials.

I have my First Aid and CPR certifications, and have five years of nannying experience. I am available Monday through Friday in the mornings, and all day Tuesday and Friday. I am also free to babysit on weekends day/night.

How do you hope to incorporate your childcare experience to your work at The Pilates Body?

We are already talking about the possibility of a “Mommy” class, where our TPB moms can bring their children, and take class worry-free while I watch the kids.

Any healthy eating tips?

Don’t let yourself go hungry! Eat small meals every couple of hours, so you don’t overeat when you’re starving! This also helps you maintain energy. Remember to prepare your meals to stay on track! 

Favorite fitness fashion?

I’m all about the yoga pants. Even when I’m not working out, I wear them!

Look out for Steph at TPB’s front desk 🙂