After sampling Pressed Juicery’s delicious juices at our Summer Kickoff,

I knew it was time to try a cleanse…

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We all lead busy lives, and sometimes get too caught up in the stress of all our activities to take good care of our bodies. Our digestive system works 24 hours a day to process everything we take in, and sometimes it needs a break.

For me, stress can be a huge trigger for my arthritis…my hands cramp, my joints creak, and my body goes haywire! The end of May was particularly busy this year, with TPB’s fun Summer Kickoff, rehearsals for an upcoming musical production, and nightly gigs with my band. I started to feel the stress taking a toll on my body, especially as I became less focused on the food I ate. I knew it was time for a fresh start – enter Pressed Juicery.

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When I walked into Pressed Juicery at the Americana in Glendale, I was greeted and helped by the manager, Cody. After I explained my goals, Cody immediately started pulling out tasty samples for me to try – green juices, roots-based juices, nut-based juices, and citrus juices. Each cleanse can be altered to fit your personal tastes and dietary needs. I ended up with a variation of the 5-day “Cleanse 2” – made up of six, 16oz drinks per day. My cleanse also included two water-based drinks – chlorophyll water for hydration and red blood cell health, as well as aloe vera water for cleansing.

During the first two days of the cleanse, I felt a little low energy, but by the third day, I began to see and feel positive results. I had lost inches and felt more mental clarity. The fourth day was much better energy-wise, though I did feel foggy at times (I wasn’t hydrating enough! Pressed Juicery suggests drinking a full bottle of water between each juice). By the fifth day, I was excited to taste solid foods again, but was no longer experiencing cravings.

The post-cleanse results were even better than I had expected – I felt more balanced and well rested. After the cleanse, my hands stopped acting up, my joints felt better, and everything felt less swollen. I experienced an increase in my energy level, as well as a new appreciation for the food I was eating (which made me slow down, savor the taste, and eat smaller portions). I ended up really missing the juices, and often go back to pick up a bottle or two when I need a boost!

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If you’d like to give your body a rest and detoxify, please go to Pressed Juicery’s website for more information. We have coupons here at the TPB for a “buy one get one free” deal – come to a class then head down the road to the Americana and visit Cody for a post-workout punch 🙂