Private Pilates Lessons

Private Pilates lessons are ideal for those with specific goals such as weight loss and control, pre- and post-pregnancy fitness, neck and back pain relief, or injury rehabilitation. Clients benefit from using Pilates apparatus such as the Universal Reformer, the Trapeze Table, and the Wunda Chair. Classes are tailored to your specific goals and skill level, so everyone from beginner to the super-advanced is welcome.

Private Pilates sessions are 55 minutes. Please note that no shows will be charged if session is not cancelled within 24-hours.

Apparatus Session

The ultimate in personal Pilates training, your Apparatus Sessions focus entirely on your goals. We offer individual sessions for those who prefer one-on-one personal training, and duo sessions for clients who wish to share their workout with a partner. Both options benefit from individualized attention and an intimate atmosphere that will help you achieve your fitness goals and perfect your Pilates practice.

Barre Fierce

Exclusive to the studio and conceived by dancer/choreographer Tracy Ramsay, Barre Fierce is a fusion of Ballet Barre Conditioning with Dynamic Pilates. Choreographed to body-shaking and quaking music, BF will take you through isometric movements, working deep into the hard-to-reach muscles through intense repetitions. This high-energy, yet low-impact workout will create a lean, toned body and promises to challenge you to the core! (Intro session $45)


Single Session

  • Individual: $70
  • Duo: $50/person

Series of Four

  • Individual: $280
  • Duo: $188/person

Series of Eight

  • Individual: $520
  • Duo: $360/person

Series of Twenty

  • Individual: $1,200
  • Duo: $825/person

Group Prerequisites

Students who intend to transition to the Group Apparatus Classes after their prerequisite Personal Pilates Lessons receive an introductory rate:

  • $210 for a 4-session series