Jacquie Potter, the newest member of the TPB Team, has been transforming bodies-physically and mentally-for close to 25 years.  She holds multiple degrees, was certified in Pilates by the New-York-based Physical Mind Institute, and also holds medical massage and yoga certificates. We caught up with this sweet new mommy to get the inside scoop on her fitness background & training secrets.

J Potter

Tell us a bit about your fitness background! How did you discover Pilates?

I was a professional dancer, and noticed other dancers’ technique would improve dramatically. It was the best kept secret. There were only two studios in Los Angeles, and I started taking classes from Mari Winsor…that was 26 years ago, I fell in love with the intelligence and discipline of form that Pilates encourages, and am grateful to have had a wonderful career teaching Pilates!

Why did you want to become a fitness professional?

To help people on all levelsphysically, emotionally,etc…

What is your philosophy of training?

Going into your body to learn about it – transforming it is a journey. Getting to know your own body on a deep level will change your physical body and transform your life.

We know you’ve worked as a PT aide, medical massage therapist, and yoga instructor. How have these experiences influenced your Pilates practice?

It has given me a much broader understanding of the human body. It is pretty rewarding to help someone walk again after an accident, and to see people transform makes this the best job ever! It is also one thing to visually see a client move, but doing therapeutic massage allows you to feel all the different muscles, which is another modality I can use to help clients!

Congratulations on your new baby boy! How has motherhood impacted your Pilates practice? 

Thank you!! Baby Jaxon- I had him at home, truly was painless; I was very lucky! It has given me such appreciation for other women, and mothers. I’ve always had so much respect and been in awe of other women, but this adds a whole other layer. Mothers are amazing, and what our bodies go through to bring another life into the world is pretty inspiring. 

What are your greatest strengths?

I am a very compassionate, kind person. I truly care about others, and am a total EMAPTH! I love what I do and teaching for so long gives me confidence to work with anyone! 

Healthy eating tips?

Right now I’m into Alkaline water, coconut water, probiotics, kale, and going to the Farmer’s Markets!  

Favorite healthy food hangout?

I love Whole Foods to grab lunch on the run! Tender Greens is pretty yummy too! 

Training tips?

Focus, focus, focus – make every movement count. Give the original Pilates method a chance, meaning go back and do the exact classical method- see how that changes your body! WOW! Even if you’re tired, push yourself to go train! It awakens all of these wonderful feel good hormones/endorphins in the brain! 

What is your biggest fitness inspiration?

I love watching ballet dancers, their form and biomechanics are perfection! Albert Einstein said “Dancers are the athletes of God.”

Favorite fitness fashion?

Yoga Works has some great fitness fashion; I love to check out their clothes every couple of months! 

What are your other hobbies and interests?

I have a 6 month old French Bulldogher name is Baileyshe is such a joy, but a little mischievous too! I love music, all kinds of music- electronic, house, folk, etc…! My hubby is a music producer, so I get to go to lots of shows! My current interest is baby baby baby- it feels like the most important job I could have right now, Im trying to do the best I can for my little guy. I never knew I could love this much! It is amazzzzing! 

Jacquie teaches Monday mornings at TPB, including an ALL NEW REFORMER CLASS at 9am. Click HERE to book your spot & work with this amazing instructor 🙂