How do you see yourself? We all sometimes struggle with maintaining a positive body image. We at TPB wanted to share our personal struggles and insights, and help each other and our clients recognize new healthy ways to look at the natural bodies we’ve been given.


What do you do to keep a positive body image?

“I go through my clothes a lot and only keep the ones I know make me feel happy and good. No point in keeping things that don’t flatter, plus donating helps others. Then I can justify treating myself to something new that makes me look and feel good. I always try to ignore size numbers and just enjoy it.”


How do you think the media affects both men and women’s confidence in regards to body image?

“We hold ourselves to standards of all the stars on television, online, and in magazines, but a lot of people don’t realize how much editing and photoshopping goes into creating that “perfect” image. We just need to recognize that nobody’s perfect.”

~ Alyson

What made you feel beautiful this week?

“I felt beautiful this week after I took some time for myself on my birthday. I finally got enough hours of sleep, gave myself a rest day from working out, and pampered myself by getting my make-up done. Honestly, just taking time for myself made me feel more fresh and beautiful than any makeover treatment. I was able to take my time getting ready, and then spend the whole day with people I love who love me for who I am.”

~ Tracy

What struggles have you had with body image?

“At least a couple of times a month, I have to fight these negative thoughts of – wow I look like I’ve lost weight but no one has noticed. But then I remember to hold up! What other people think really shouldn’t be my concern. I just need to focus on what’s truly important: living a healthy lifestyle and physically feeling better. My value isn’t contingent on the way I look on the outside. I’m learning to enjoy the fact that I’m eating a lot more food than I normally would, because I’m choosing healthy foods – what my body requires for energy and a clear mind. I’m doing what is right whether others approve or not😉.”


What has affected your body image over the years? Is there a body image mantra or motto that you’ve found very helpful?

“My body image definitely has been effected by media, peers, even my mom (who is a tiny person!). I have had a love/hate relationship with my height and weight since I was too tall, and what I thought was too fat at the age of 12 (I just ate grapes for a whole summer.). I lived a very unhealthy lifestyle diet-wise and also exercising not necessarily for JOY, but just to LOOK a certain very skinny way. Pilates with its focus on the body and mind made me realize that I was doing myself a disservice mentally and physically by fixating on a certain look, a certain number on the scale or my denim size. I became much more forgiving to myself, my curves (read, hips and rear!) and in turn discovered a real love for fitness, food and moi! A fitness colleague of mine, Jennifer Cohen says “Strong is the New Skinny” and that is a mantra I wholeheartedly believe in.”


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