Like Traditional Pilates, Dynamic Pilates strengthens the core, improves posture and balance, and tones all the muscle groups. However, the “dynamic” aspect of Dynamic Pilates incorporates exercises that “up-the-anti,” creating a cardiovascular workout you might expect from a gym. Many of the exercises utilize traditional Pilates principles, but the class flows more quickly with added dynamic movement, in order to keep your heart rate up throughout.

The Traditional aspect of the class includes focusing on Pilates principles: breathing, precision, flow, centering, control, and concentration. The Dynamic aspect of the workout incorporates athletic increased repetitions. We often focus on isometric movements, reaching deep into the smallest hard-to-target muscles. During a Dynamic Pilates class, the muscles are often worked to exhaustion through pulsing. We make sure to stretch and lengthen, which creates strong, lean muscles. The routines in Dynamic Pilates incorporate functional training, props, and variations not seen in a Traditional Pilates routine. Dynamic Pilates instructor Tracy trained under Paola Di Lanzo, a celebrity London-based instructor, who passed on her cutting edge fitness techniques and new routine variations.

The combination of Traditional and Dynamic Pilates creates the perfect workout: a mind-body connection, control and precision, coupled with fat-burning cardiovascular exercises. You will receive all the benefits of a Traditional Pilates class, along with the added bonus of improved endurance and balance!

Stop by for TPB’s Dynamic Pilates classes on Tuesday mornings at 11am & Thursday mornings at 10am🙂